Data Science & ML
X-CHEM Pharmaceuticals (

At the moment, I’m working to help the Scientific Computing team at X-CHEM, a lightweight organization whose goal is to discover drug targets to ultimately cure diseases.

Co-Founder, Creative Director
Up Photography (

I run and manage a successful aerial photography company, specalizing in high end non-commercial real estate, though we are also contracted by commercial entities for larger projects.


user experience co-lead
harvard innovation labs

cambridge, ma

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usable privacy and security researcher
research @ hcii
the human-computer interaction institute

pittsburgh, pa

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Design and evaluation of a data-driven password meter

pdf ︎   

Research lead by Blase Ur and Lorrie Cranor, for the benefit of PNC Bank.

Exploring how privacy and security factor into IoT device purchase behavior

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A study lead by Pardis Emami-Naeini investigating the privacy and security implications of mass market IoT device sales.